Asiatic black bears photographed for the first time in the Bashagard area, southern Iran


The first photo’s of Asiatic black bears were taken with the new trail cameras supported by the Anatolian Leopard Foundation in the project Conservation survey of the Asiatic black bear and Persian leopard in southern Iran!

On August 12, the 8 new trail cameras deployed in the rugged and arid Khodabast Valley in Hormozgan Province were checked by Taher Ghadirian and Arash Ghoddousi from the PlanfortheLand Society, aided by the regional Environmental/Wildlife management authorities (DoE).

They had been set in the field for one week on the basis of a survey for proper locations together with the regional Iranian Department of Environment. The cameras photo-captured several Asiatic black bears. In addition, clear tracks and signs of Persian leopard were found and, unusual, a wild cat (Felis sylvestris) in arid environment was recorded! Read the full story in the progress report.

Asiatic black bears photographed for the first time in the Khodabast Valley, southeastern Iran, in August 2011. By PlanfortheLand Society.

An Asiatic black bear in Bashagard, lured by a goat's carcass on August 18, 2011 (©PlanfortheLand Society).