Paul Meek’s journey

Paul Meek is an expert on wild Canids, fox and invasive mammal control from the Australian Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre (CRC). He visited Erwin van Maanen of ALF mid-October 2011 to learn about camera trapping applications for Mustelid research in the Netherlands. Funded by the prestigious Churchill Fellowship his mission was to learn about the pro’s and con’s of currently available trail camera’s and camera trapping techniques for different species, and about data management. This knowledge is taken back Down Under to produce a best-practice camera trapping manual for Aussie wildlife or conservation research. Paul was also very keen to learn about the technology¬†of trail cameras and methodology of camera trapping, hence to provide insight into making them more effective and tailored for conservation research. His journey started in the UK where he consulted various experts. Next stop was Switzerland, where he visited KORA to join and aid an expedition into the mountains to photo capture wolves that were rumored to roam there.

In the Netherlands he next met with Jaap Mulder (Holland’s fox expert) and Chris Achterberg, two independent researchers on mesocarnivore ecology. Erwin also took him to the Pine Marten Research Group fall meeting in the east of the Netherlands and into the woods to see his first badger den.

Paul Meek reading on the camera trapping experiences in Australia at the Pine Marten Research Group meeting in the Netherlands.

Paul then went to the United States and visited various experts, conservation researchers, testing labs (TrailCampro) and two trail cam developer’s and¬† manufacturer’s to learn a great amount of information. His interesting findings are described in his travellog.