Cameratrapping Colloquium 2012 in Australia

Camera trapping is the hot technique for wildlife monitoring, but do we expect more than the technology can provide?

The Australasian Wildlife Management Society in collaboration with the Invasive Animals CRC and other partners are hosting a Camera Trapping in Wildlife Management and Research Colloquium in Sydney Australia in September 2012. This Colloquium is open to any researcher, land manager or student who uses camera trapping to carry out research and monitoring of wildlife. The two day colloquium will include  presentations of camera trapping projects and results and open discussion sessions to tackle issues such as data management and analysis, project design, technical constraints and ecological challenges. The Colloquium will also bring together Australian and International camera trap trade displays.

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Cameratraps vary in capturing result, an interaction between animal behaviour and technology constrictions. Photo's by E. van Maanen.