The wolverine way

The wolverine is more complex than the myths that surround it. With a shrinking wilderness and global warming, the future of the wolverine is uncertain.The Wolverine Way reveals the fascinating natural history of the wolverine, and the habitat threats that face them, engagingly told by Douglas Chadwick, volunteer with the Glacier Wolverine Project. The project, […]

The tale of an African wanderer

By Matthew Pomilia In June of 2011, I travelled to the Okavango Delta of northern Botswana to conduct research on one of Africa’s most endangered (and least known) carnivores, the African wild dog.  As recently as 100 years ago, these colorful and immensely social creatures, evolutionarily unique among canids, roamed freely over most of the […]

Wolf shot in Germany!

A dead wolf was found last weekend by recreationists in the hilly forest area of Westerwald, near the town of Gensingen, near Koblenz. The animal died of a heavy caliber shot wound. It is possibly the same animal that had been spotted a short while earlier in the area by recreationists. The wolf is a […]

Cry Wolf: An unethical oil story

Over the last several months, Alberta has killed more than 500 wolves using aerial sharpshooters and poisoned bait in order to conceal the impact of rapid industrial development on Canada’s iconic woodland caribou. Independent scientists say that declining caribou health stems chiefly from habitat destruction caused by the encroachment of the tar sands and timber […]

Toward The Rewilding Foundation

The Anatolian Leopard Foundation was founded by Leo Goudzwaard, Edo van Uchelen and Erwin van Maanen after investigating the possible survival of leopards in the Anatolian Mountain Range of southern Turkey.  With great help of other organizations, like the PlanfortheLand Society of Iran, a couple of short surveys for leopards were performed in Turkey.  In […]

Matthew Pomilia on our new international advisory board

We are glad to announce Matthew Pomilia as member on our new board international advisors and our US connection. Matt has shown a considerable interest in the foundation from the start and has provided support services ever since. We welcome him his as a skilled and dedicated conservation researcher and writer. Matt is a wildlife […]