New projects by the Anatolian Leopard Foundation: call for support!

The foundation is currently setting a out a new strategy and devising a portfolio for the initiation or facilitation of conservation and rewilding projects in different areas around the world, striving to help solve pressing problems and to create new avenues for nature conservation with others. The following subjects and areas have been identified at present for project development:

  1. A conservation survey of jaguars and other mammalian carnivores (e.g. puma) in the rainforests of Surinam, with respect to the safeguarding of ecological networks.
  2. Support of an (anti-poaching) project for the conservation of the Siberian tiger and Amur leopard in far east Russia.
  3. A study of  mammalian carnivore communities in unexplored areas of Nepal and Bhutan, and a study of the Buddhist communities and their tolerance toward large carnivores.
  4. Support for a conservation project forthe Arabian leopard in Yemen by the Foundation for the protection of the Arabian leopard in Yemen. See more about David Stanton’s heroic work in Yemen.
  5. A European bison reintroduction project in the Romanian Carpathians (rewilding project).
  6. A tiger conservation project in Asia.
  7. A conservation survey of large carnivores in North Africa.
  8. Support for a Mustelid research program in Iran.

At present we are investigating how we can operationalise these project ideas. We also welcome other project ideas aimed at solving pressing conservation problems. At the same time we endeavor to acquire donations and sponsorships to help us effectuate these initiatives. Please contact us!

Cheetah's in the Masai Mara. By L. Rijsdijk.