Wolf shot in Germany!

A dead wolf was found last weekend by recreationists in the hilly forest area of Westerwald, near the town of Gensingen, near Koblenz. The animal died of a heavy caliber shot wound. It is possibly the same animal that had been spotted a short while earlier in the area by recreationists. The wolf is a male and the carcass weighed 30 kilograms. It was the first time in 123 years that a wolf had been reported in the area.

Apparently shaken by the commotion the offender, a 71 year old hunter, turned himself in to the police. He had “mistaken” the animal for a feral dog. When found guilty he may face up to 5 years imprisonment.

The wolf is a protected species in Germany since 1990 and is currently expanding further into the country and possibly trickling into neigboring countries like Belgium (read more). It is very unfortunate that the wolf, despite its accepted return by the majority of the German public, still bears the grudge of conservative individuals who apparently see wolves as competitors and not as valuable additions to the ecosystem.

The shot wolf. Photo by the German police.