Can nature be saved?

Prof. dr. Michael E. Soulé is co-founder of the Society for Conservation Biology and of the Wildlands Project in the United States. He is considered the father of rewilding and one of the discoverers of  the phenomenon of top-down regulation. Michael stands amongst the great environmental visionaries and advocates of our time. Michael talks with […]

A new method to identify priority conservation areas

Conservationists often call for the protection of additional wildlife habitat, and in 2010 many countries signed a pledge to increase the global protected area network from 12% to 17% by 2020. Meeting this goal will be a challenge for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the difficulty in pinpointing which locations merit […]

The Venus Project

The visionaries of the Venus Project present an alternative course for the development of humanity and technology in harmony with itself and with nature. A mere vision or scope for reality? Judge for yourself.

The cameratrap revolution

Cameratraps have revolutionized conservation in the last decade, especially in allowing the ‘non-invasive’ study of wildlife and the detection of rare and elusive animals in remote places around the World. Read more in the articles by Jeremy Hance, author of the recommended book Life is Good: Conservation in an age of mass extinction on and […]