Rewilding Foundation on mission to Bolivia!

The Rewilding Foundation is going to Bolivia during 6-26 November to investigate the scope for a new project in partnership with Conservation International-Bolivia, Centro de Investigación y Preservación de la Amazonía (CIPA)-Universidad Amazónica de Pando (UAP) and Aveiro University (Portugal), represented by Nuno Negroes. The mission of experts will go to the Amazon rainforest in […]

Small critters matter as well!

Where are the weasels? The Dutch Small Mustelid Working Group (WKM) has intensified its investigations into the conservation status of small Mustelids (Least weasel, Stoat and Pole cat) in the Netherlands. In practice this is a very difficult to study species group. There is suspicion that these animals are declining in the intensely used and […]

The forgotten wetlands of eastern Georgia

A unique system of wetlands on the eastern Black Sea shore in Georgia Georgia in the Caucasus is situated on the nexus of Asia and Europe and harbors one of the World’s biodiversity hotspots (Meyers 2000; Cincotta et al. 2000). When Jason and the Argonauts hit the eastern Black Sea shore – now western Georgia […]