Rewilding Foundation on mission to Bolivia!

The Rewilding Foundation is going to Bolivia during 6-26 November to investigate the scope for a new project in partnership with Conservation International-Bolivia, Centro de Investigación y Preservación de la Amazonía (CIPA)-Universidad Amazónica de Pando (UAP) and Aveiro University (Portugal), represented by Nuno Negroes.

The mission of experts will go to the Amazon rainforest in a biodiverse region called Pando, in northwest Bolivia. The project is aimed at safeguarding rainforest tracts with rich wildlife, including large carnivores like the jaguar, into an ecological network system. It will also strive to reduce the current pressure by people on the rainforest (including bush meat hunting, industrial forestry and Brazilian nut collection) by devising alternative and ecologically sustainable use of forest resources, and concurently improve the livelihoods of local communities. It’s an ambitious project, but carried by a group of enthusiastic experts from Bolivia, the Netherlands and Canada.

We all look forward to your support and even a small donation will go a long way in making this seeding mission a succes and enable us to apply for bigger funding! We are targetting at least €1000 to make the current mission go a long way. Thank you!  → Get involved and please donate here

The  jaguar is one of the target species for conservation in the Amazonian rainforest. By Edo van Uchelen.