Shekhar Kolipaka on our international advisory board

We are glad to have Shekhar Kolipaka aboard as member on our board of international advisors and our prime connection and expert for the Indian subcontinent! Shekhar has been working on the Indian subcontinent for the last 12 years with a focus on finding solutions to conserve carnivores in human-dominated landscapes. He started working on […]

Harmonizing the relationship between people, carnivores and the rainforest in Pando, Bolivia

In November 2012 the Rewilding Foundation went on mission to Bolivia to set up shop for a new project with new partners. With a team of members from Aveiro University (Dr. Nuno Negrões from Portugal), Conservation International Bolivia, Centro de Investigación y Preservación de la Amazonia (CIPA) and Universidad Amazonica the Pando (UAP), an area […]