Dr.Nuno Negrões Soares joins our international advisory board

We are happy to have Nuno Negrões Soares as member of our board of international advisors and as our prime connection and expert for South America, as well as an liaison officer for Bolivia!

Nuno Soares is a Portugese biologist and an expert on environmental education with a passion for mammalian carnivore ecology and conservation. He is particularly keen in making effective contributions to and devising novel solutions for improving the coexistence between carnivores and people.

He began this mission with research into Red fox ecology in northern Portugal. He subsequently became involved in the Portuguese census and action planning for the conservation of the Iberian lynx, one of the most highly threathened species in the World. He then worked for three years in wildlife management before moving to Brazil to do his PhD on Jaguar ecology and conservation in tropical rainforest areas of the Amazon, for the Aveiro University in Portugal. Nuno is very experienced in the cameratrapping of Neotropical carnivores. See list of publications.

After succesfully obtaining his PhD, Nuno worked as a postdoc in a project on science communication and environmental education in the Maputo Natural History Museum, in Mozambique, Africa. This experience led to a deep interest in solving human-wildlife conflict issues and researching the human dimension of nature conservation. He is currently working on projects in which scientific research, citizen science and environmental education can be combined and as such effectively applied in nature conservation initiatives.

Nuno has so far been instrumental in developing our new conservation project in Bolivia aimed at harmonizing the relationship between mammalian carnivores, the tropical rainforest and people, and initiating the challenge of rewilding and ecological sustainability in Bolivia, in partnership with Conservation International Bolivia and CIPA.

Welcome Nuno!