International Wolf Conference, Postojna, Slovenia


The International Wolf Conference, which will be held between 25-27 September in Postojna, Slovenia. The Conference is supported and organized by EU LIFE+ and SloWolf (University of Ljubljana).

The presence of wolves in human-dominated landscapes of Europe is a result of complex interactions among many environmental and human factors. With ever increasing human pressure on the environment, the challenge of effective conservation of wolves can only be met through understanding of how interactions of different factors in these landscapes either allow or limit occurrence and persistence of this species.

By sharing knowledge and experiences, we can considerably increase effectiveness of wolf conservation, improve cooperation, and promote transition from country-based management towards management at the level of populations. The target audience of the conference are wolf researchers, experts and managers, as well as students with interests in wildlife management and conservation. The first two days will be devoted to presentations and workshops dealing with major wolf conservation topics, and the last day to a fieldtrip to Slovenian wolf habitat.

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