Bringing back the lynx to the British Isles

Collaboration with the lynx reintroduction project in the UK

It is a pleasure to announce our collaboration with the lynx reintroduction project run by the recently established Lynx UK Trust. ┬áThe aim of the project is to restore a sustainable┬álynx population in Britain. The lynx went extinct there hundred’s of years ago.

Return of the lynx also presents the return of a key ecological component to enrich Britain’s still sizeable nature reserves. The lynx can be beneficial to the management of wild herbivore populations (e.g. of red deer and invasive muntjac), nature development and to forestry, as well as bring more wildness or wilderness appeal for ecotourism to certain regions, like in Scotland or Wales.

The project was recently launched publicly and has thus far received tremendous positive feedback and consent from the public, including key stakeholders. It is currently in the process of establishing proper reintroduction areas for the Eurasian lynx in the UK, a collaboration with other lynx reintroduction projects and lynx stock providers in Europe, and a lynx education center for the British public.

The Rewilding Foundation is glad to be able to facilitate this project with a base on the European mainland. And we look forward to keep you up to date on progress. For more and first hand information on the project please visit the Lynx UK Trust.