The RF team

The foundation team is interdiciplinary composed of ecologists dedicated to nature conservation and ecological sustainability. Currently we are:


Erwin van Maanen is educated in biotechnology, molecular biology, conservation ecology and environmental science. He works currently as an independent environmental consultant (EcoNatura) with specialization in ecological impact assessment, nature & wildlife management and ecological sustainability. Erwin holds expertise in the areas of natural resource management, landscape ecology, conservation ecology, rewilding, and raptor and mammalian carnivore ecology.  He has been succesful, amongst diverse environmental assignments, in the field of institutional capacity building and assessments for nature conservation in the Caucasus and in Eastern Europe. He is co-founder and current chairman for the foundation. Contact Erwin.


Koen Cuyten is educated in wildlife management and an expert on bear ecology, conservation and rehabilitation. He is project coordinator @ ALERTIS – Fund for Bear and Nature Conservation in the Netherlands since 2004. Koen is board member and treasurer for the foundation, active in fundraising, project development and public relations. Contact Koen.


Matthew Pomilia is our US connection and on our board of international advisors. Matt is a wildlife biologist with a diverse background in domestic and international natural resource conservation and management. His project experience includes African wild dog research, Costa Rican cloud forest reforestation, and Peace Corps Bolivia agriculture and forestry.  He is well-versed in issues relating to wildlife monitoring, ecological restoration, agroforestry, and community development.  His current focus is on wildlands connectivity and endangered species conservation. He is working to develop carnivore conservation projects in the U.S. and South America. Contact Matthew



Paul Meek is our Australian connection. Paul is a conservation ecologist with over 25 experience working around Australia and overseas. Mammalian predators have been Paul’s main passion, including studies on Dingoes and Pallas cat. In Australia he researches the curtailment of invasive species, in particular red fox abatement. Paul currently works for the Invasive Animal CRC in Australia. In 2011 Paul was awarded a prestigious Churchill Fellowship to study camera trapping in Europe and North America. Contact Paul.


Nuno Negrões Soares is our man in South America. Nuno is a biologist who after university graduation worked on Red fox ecology and Iberian lynx conservation in Portugal. He also worked as a teacher. Later, after completing a PhD on jaguar ecology and conservation in Brazil, he worked in Mozambique as a postdoc on finding ways to improve the relationship between people and wildlife and on the sociology of nature conservation. He currently lives with his family in La Paz, Bolivia, where he is initiating projects for rainforest conservation and rewilding. Contact Nuno. (→ more about his work)