Launch of a Dutch wolf book coincides with return of the wolf

Perfect timing! Erwin van Maanen of the Rewilding Foundation co-authored a new Dutch book on the wolf within a collaborative frame of Wolves in the Netherlands foundation. The book is titled The wolf back; scary or exciting? It is aimed at informing the general public on the mythology, historical relationship with humans, ecology, human dimensions, environmental […]

Bringing back the lynx to the British Isles

Collaboration with the lynx reintroduction project in the UK It is a pleasure to announce our collaboration with the lynx reintroduction project run by the recently established Lynx UK Trust.  The aim of the project is to restore a sustainable lynx population in Britain. The lynx went extinct there hundred’s of years ago. Return of the […]

Support for information technology to counter poaching of South Africa’s Rhinos

De Rewilding Foundation (RF) works together with others in safeguarding or restoring wilderness areas around the globe. Its focus is not only on big carnivores as keystone species, but also species which are key in preserving the wild nature of areas. In this case the rhinoceros in southern Africa, holding 74%  of the World’s population of black and […]

Support for strengthening of the Dinaric lynx population in Croatia

The Rewilding Foundation is currently supporting the Dinaric lynx project in Croatia. Here’s the background story. The Dinaric Mountains, extending along the coast of the Adriatic Sea from Slovenia to Albania, host a rich fauna, including European largest carnivores – brown bear, grey wolf, golden jackal and Eurasian lynx. While bear, wolf and jackal populations […]

Hot unfortunate news: A young leopard was shot at Diyarbakır in south-eastern Turkey!

News taken from Todays’ Zaman A Diyarbakır man shot and killed a leopard on Sunday, one which is believed to be a member of a critically endangered leopard subspecies unique to Anatolia, saying the animal attacked him, as ecologists and scientists call for a conservation zone for the critically endangered Anatolian leopard. The last confirmed […]

Counting down to WILD10 in Salamanca, Spain

WILD10, the 10th World Wilderness Congress (WWC), will convene this October in Spain to “Make the World a Wilder Place.” Involving up to 1200 delegates from over 50 nations, with an estimated 30,000 on-line, WILD10 is focused on state-of-the-art information, inspiration, and practical, positive results in policy, protected areas, economics, business, communications, and more. Visit the […]

International Wolf Symposium 2013: Wolves and Humans at the Crossroads October 10 – 13 (2013)

The Wolf-revered, feared, misunderstood, iconic figure of mystery, ultimate survivor. As wolf populations continue to grow and reclaim portions of their historic range in many parts of the world, key questions about our role in their future must be answered. How might we respond to increasing contacts with wolves? Given the historic and current polarizing […]