International Wolf Conference, Postojna, Slovenia

WOLF CONSERVATION IN HUMAN DOMINATED LANDSCAPES The International Wolf Conference, which will be held between 25-27 September in Postojna, Slovenia. The Conference is supported and organized by EU LIFE+ and SloWolf (University of Ljubljana). The presence of wolves in human-dominated landscapes of Europe is a result of complex interactions among many environmental and human factors. […]

Sad statistics from the Amur!

February 25th 2012 – a 6-month-old young tigress named Cinderella was found barely alive in Primorye. At the moment, she is kept at the rehabilitation centre and is being prepared for return back to the wild. March 17th 2012 – a male tiger cub supposedly from the same litter with the tigress Cinderella was found […]

Our first Rewilding Foundation Flyer

We are glad to present site visitors with our first flyer presenting our work and passion in Rewilding the World! The design and printing of this flyer was kindly sponsored by Lucien de Groot of L Reclamo. Thank you very much Lucien! Download the flyer here

Shekhar Kolipaka on our international advisory board

We are glad to have Shekhar Kolipaka aboard as member on our board of international advisors and our prime connection and expert for the Indian subcontinent! Shekhar has been working on the Indian subcontinent for the last 12 years with a focus on finding solutions to conserve carnivores in human-dominated landscapes. He started working on […]

Harmonizing the relationship between people, carnivores and the rainforest in Pando, Bolivia

In November 2012 the Rewilding Foundation went on mission to Bolivia to set up shop for a new project with new partners. With a team of members from Aveiro University (Dr. Nuno Negrões from Portugal), Conservation International Bolivia, Centro de Investigación y Preservación de la Amazonia (CIPA) and Universidad Amazonica the Pando (UAP), an area […]

Rewilding Foundation on mission to Bolivia!

The Rewilding Foundation is going to Bolivia during 6-26 November to investigate the scope for a new project in partnership with Conservation International-Bolivia, Centro de Investigación y Preservación de la Amazonía (CIPA)-Universidad Amazónica de Pando (UAP) and Aveiro University (Portugal), represented by Nuno Negroes. The mission of experts will go to the Amazon rainforest in […]

Small critters matter as well!

Where are the weasels? The Dutch Small Mustelid Working Group (WKM) has intensified its investigations into the conservation status of small Mustelids (Least weasel, Stoat and Pole cat) in the Netherlands. In practice this is a very difficult to study species group. There is suspicion that these animals are declining in the intensely used and […]

The forgotten wetlands of eastern Georgia

A unique system of wetlands on the eastern Black Sea shore in Georgia Georgia in the Caucasus is situated on the nexus of Asia and Europe and harbors one of the World’s biodiversity hotspots (Meyers 2000; Cincotta et al. 2000). When Jason and the Argonauts hit the eastern Black Sea shore – now western Georgia […]