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Essentially all walks of life, young and old, can help to restore and reconnect wild places for the protection of biodiversity around the world. Where large carnivores or other key stone species can survive and enrich the biosphere and inspire future generations, and where people can reciprocally profit from ecologically sustainable ventures. You can contribute to rewilding by supporting new and ongoing initiatives great and small, and by creating your own. As such you can become part of a growing interactive and collaborative network of conservationists. The aim of the Rewilding Foundation is to create and support practical, manageable and well-targeted nature conservation and sustainability projects that make a lasting positive difference. Find out below how you can support our work, and be part of it.

Please make a donation to the Rewilding Foundation

Every sponsor is entitled to follow progress and results of a project, through the following sponsorship categories:

General sponsor

A minimum yearly donation of €15,- will strengthen the foundation to seed new and reinforce ongoing initiatives. This funding will be channeled into operation of the foundation, strengthening the collaborative network and expand the project portfolio. You are entitled to a three-monthly newsletter with the latest on the foundation’s activities and achievements in the field.

Gold sponsor

With donations or services in natura worth at least €250,- you are a gold sponsor. This entails sponsoring of specific projects where one can for instance foster a large carnivore species through the funding of field surveys, conservation research and educational activities. Gold sponsors will have their name and/or logo displayed and linked in the Sponsor Hall of Fame.

Platinum sponsor

With donations of €1000,- or  more you are a platinum sponsor. This funding will allow us to greatly expand our activities and project portfolio. Platinum sponsors will have their name and/or logo displayed and linked in the Sponsor Hall of Fame. Furthermore, platinum sponsors are entitled to direct news from the field, for example the detection of a rare carnivore in an unexplored natural area.

Leopard stealth on the Masai Mara. By L. Rijsdijk.

Choose your project

Become a general sponsor or project sponsor. In supporting our work you are entitled to choose which project you would like to support. Sponsors will then be kept up to date on progress and results through reports and news updates. Please let us know if you want to sponsor a specific project.

Please donate

Your financial contribution will provide vital impulse to our work. Our account is with the Triodos Bank, a sustainable ‘green’ bank:

Nederlandse donaties kunnen overgemaakt worden naar onderstaand IBAN nr. of gebruik maken van de GEEF.NL doneer knop:

Stg. the Rewilding Foundation
IBAN: NL63 TRIO 0254 6521 31  


International donations are payable to:

Stg. the Rewilding Foundation
IBAN: NL63 TRIO 0254 6521 31

We are a registered as a foundation (Chamber of Commerce reg. 30247164) and as a charity with an ANBI status which means that donations are tax deductable for Dutch citizens!

Thank you in advance for your financial or other support! Any enquiries are welcome!