Working to Rewild the World!

MichaelScientists have compiled the evidence showing that keystone species such as large predators maintain the dynamic interactions protecting the biological diversity in terrestrial, aquatic and marine ecosystems.  Rewilding, therefore, is often the key to saving wild nature.

–  Prof. Dr. Michael Soulé


The Rewilding Foundation advocates the challenging process of rewilding through the effectuation of ecological networks, including pre-conditions like for example human-wildlife co-existence, and through ecological research, education, increased local people participation, sustainable development, and institutional capacity building.

A vital requirement to make rewilding feasible and a lasting success is the reconnection of people with nature. This can be achieved through the mainstreaming of ecology in human endeavors and the realization of actual environmental stewardship. It also requires the insurance of prosperity and improvement of people’s livelihoods.  The Rewilding Foundation promotes and facilitates this process.

The Rewilding Foundation works all over the World wherever rewilding opportunities arise and are achievable on the basis of reliable partnerships. So far our staff and expert associates we have initiated and supported conservation projects in Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Middle East, India & Nepal, Africa and in South America. → Dowload our flyer

Specific working areas and consulting expertise include:

  • Wildlife surveys and biodiversity studies.
  • Ecological education and participatory citizen science projects.
  • Reintroduction of keystone species and their associate species.
  • Facilitation of human-wildlife conflict resolution and developing understanding to promote co-existence between people and nature.
  • Large-scale nature development and ecological network design and realization (including support for delineation, planning and participatory management of protected areas).
  • Creating win-win opportunities for both nature and people well-being, hence ecological sustainability.

Searching for leopards in the Taurus Mountains, Anatolia, Turkey. By M. jonker.

We are committed to effectuate solid, innovative and well-targeted projects and actions. We believe that the key to success in nature conservation is determination, performing projects with certain continuation and with long-term vision. We aim to unify passionate people working interdisciplinary together, and hence consolidate conservation initiatives with greater (out)reach and impact. We are open to work with diverse stakeholders, including government agencies, scientists, NGOs, corporation’s and grass roots organizations.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead