Conservation survey of the Asiatic black bear and Persian leopard in southern Iran

We currently support and co-coordinate a project for the conservation of the Persian leopard, Asiatic black bear and other carnivores in the arid Hormozgan Province of southern Iran in partnership with the PlanfortheLand Society.

This project is divided into two components, namely:

  1. A conservation survey focused on determining species status and conservation needs .
  2. A human-carnivore conflict management component, focused on demonstrating effective animal-friendly and practical preventive measures to reduce depredation of livestock by carnivores.

Final report
Trip report: Journey to the end of the World
Intermediate report
Leopard conservation poster
Black bear conservation poster

Carnivore conservation survey in Hormozgan, southeast Iran. By PlanfortheLand Society.

These components are respectively funded by Dutch Zoo Conservation Fund (DZCF) and Amersfoort Zoo Wildlife Fund.

Persian leopard. By PlanfortheLand Society.

Mountain gazelle, Farour Island Protected Area, Persian Gulf, Iran. By Maysam Ghasemi.